Sand Lilies of Knossos

Sand Lilies of Knossos
Section from ‘Sand Lilies of Knossos’ ©
Acrylic painting by Sally Parker (ArtQuartet)
61cm x 51 cm (unframed)

A wild, sweet smelling white star-shaped flower was growing on a sand dune on the coast of Crete.  Its green leaves were visible, resembling blades of grass.  It was intriguing to observe such a beautiful plant surviving and blooming in such dry, hot, hostile conditions.

The plant was a sand-lily and is also known as a sea daffodil.  It can be found growing on beaches and coastal sand dunes of the Mediterranean.

If you are fortunate to discover the sand lily, please leave it undisturbed so others can have the opportunity to admire its beauty as their numbers are decreasing.

‘Sand Lilies of Knossos’, an acrylic painting on canvas (61cm x 51cm (unframed) is part of my work focusing on the mythologies and mystical beauty of this wild flower.