Panpipes and Lilacs

Section of an original painting ‘Panpipes and Lilacs’
©Sally Parker (@ArtQuartet)

Panpipes and Lilacs

‘Panpipes and Lilacs’ has been created with acrylic paint and media effects. It has been painted on linen and measures 51cm x 41cm (without a frame and please note that only part of the painting is shown above).

Pan in Greek mythology was a divinity of shepherds and hunters. He fell in love with a river nymph Syrinx*. The river nymph rejected Pan but he continued to pursue her. In desperation she tried to hide from him and finally asked her Watery Sisters of the river Ladon for help. They transformed her into reeds.

As I have a love of nature, and live near a river, I constantly observe and appreciate the beauty of such wild spaces throughout the seasons. Both story, observations and environmental concerns are integral to this painting.

*The genus name for lilac is Syringa which was derived from the Ancient Greek ‘Syrinx’ meaning ‘pipe’ or ‘tube’.