Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden

A book inspired by mythology, fairy tales and folklore
— by Sally Parker

‘Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden’

Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden - Front cover image of the book
©Sally Parker | @ArtQuartet
Book: Front Cover
©Sally Parker | @ArtQuartet — Amazon

If you turn the pages of the book ‘Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden’ and travel through the moon gate, you will enter enchanting realms of magnificent colour, beauty and joy.  You will have an opportunity to discover your inner light, and the wonder will begin.

‘Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden’ flows meditatively, connecting with the essence of nature, channelling divine feminine myths belonging to a long-lost civilization.  

The mystical Traveller arrives in the River Garden having escaped an encounter with Drenuth.

“She stood motionless until she recovered her senses.  Bees were listening to the flowers’ mythical secrets and buzzed contentedly.  The overwhelming beauty in this lost world took her breath away.” 

Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden (page 4) ©Sally Parker

The Traveller consults her Muses and nature guardians from the realms of the Noble Ladies — the four seasons. With ancient wisdom and oneness with nature, they guide the lady on her way.

A novelette and poems accompany the author’s lyrical paintings to reveal a romantic, mythical beauty that underlies our world and the universe.

‘Four Noble Ladies of the River Garden’ is available on Amazon Books around the world as:

Hardback format.

About the author

Divine feminine myths have inspired Sally since her travels to Greece and its islands. Her work plants seeds of consciousness to draw attention to our diminishing natural world. Poetic paintings, poems and writings were created by the author experiencing the romantic beauty within nature and, more recently, its healing qualities.

Sally Parker, Artist & Author
Sally Parker, Artist & Author

“I hope that you will enjoy reading the book, and gifting/sharing it, as much as I did to create it. I also hope that we get the chance to meet so that you can see the paintings featured in the book. Thanks to everyone who helped make the book possible.”