Ancient Whispers Series

Detail of the painting Sanctuary of the Muses

Sanctuary of the Muses

The series ‘Ancient Whispers’ comprises four paintings, set in a tranquil garden sanctuary.  It is a Summer’s evening in July, the grove and its green bowers are decorated with climbing roses, creating a place of contemplation.  Birds constantly return to this peaceful haven.  As the sunlight diminishes, they still can be observed, flitting from one branch to another.  They move rhythmically, staying still for a few moments to chant their sweet song.  There is a myth about this Sanctuary and it concerns three sisters: Melete was known for her creative inspiration and dedication to the arts, whereas Aoede’s gift was singing and Mneme had a wonderful memory…


Sanctuary of the Muses
One of four artworks from the Ancient Whispers Series


Eur. Med 421-30 trans. Dr E Hauser


The size of the framed artworks are; 29cm x 35 cm.

The other titles in the Ancient Whispers Series of paintings are;

Melete (inspiration and practice)

Soft Voice of Aeode (Song)

Mneme (Memory)

All the artworks have been created with acrylic paint.  ‘Aeode’ and ‘Memory’ are acrylic paintings with mixed media.