Myths of Love Surfacing

Myths of Love Surfacing

Acrylic paint, mixed media


Diving deeper into the mysterious waters of mythology I discovered an ancient female divinity whose multifaceted concepts have long been forgotten.  In ancient myth, she was regarded as a transformative, regenerative nature divinity belonging to the element of water.

‘Myths of Love Surfacing’ is an abstract painting.  It is mystical, meditative, and features my familiar water elements.


Myths of Mother Nature

For over a decade, I have researched my favourite mythological stories.  I have specialised in creating lyrical artworks, relating to benevolent female myths of nature (cycle of the seasons).   Storytellers of ancient myth and folklore were often healers too.  Through my work I have endeavoured to spirit these myths onward for humanity’s well-being and to protect the future of our natural world.

Abstract Painting

I needed to select a suitable genre of painting to express this ‘high inspiration’.  In the past you may have viewed my work that applied anthropomorphism:  Demeter as an ancient apple tree and other stories became metaphors of nature too e.g. flowers, fields.  This transformative nature divinity however was associated with all aspects of the senses. I felt that the best way for her to connect with you was to paint an abstract work that could convey the feeling and emotion of her essence.


You may be thinking that I have forgotten to reveal a name to you.  Although this enhances the tension of mystery, there are more significant reasons for being elusive.  Myths are stories that have been adapted to the culture of the story teller at the time.  I do not think that this powerful female divinity has been portrayed in her best ‘light’.  In this abstract painting, she is able to distance herself from a male-driven history, concepts of  ‘ideal beauty’ and universal archetypes of the past.  A glimmer of drapery (meaning an arrangement of cloth and once referred to as ‘the anatomy of cloth’ (Baldry 1909) suggests her presence.  Her name and any idealised human form would recall preconceived ideas.  Free from earthly constraints, divine energy is limitless ready for your meditation.

Visionary Painting

As a powerful, nature divinity that transforms and regenerates, a Mother to all living creatures, she is a loving ‘wholeness’ of spirit.

Visionary painting requires ‘higher inspiration’ and for the viewer to feel uplifted (Perret 2016).  So, if you would…

Take some deep breaths.

Fold away the material world.

Drift weightlessly from your sea bed

And allow the gentle flow to lead you

To divine timelessness.



Baldry A L (1909) – The Treatment of Drapery in Painting

Perret, Daniel (2016) – Creating Divine Art: On the Origins of Inspiration

©Sally Parker