Ethereal Windflowers (Aphrodite Series)


Detail from Ethereal Windflowers/Desiderata (giclee prints only available)

 Ethereal Windflowers (Aphrodite Series) (giclee prints only available)

The image Ethereal Windflowers (Aphrodite Series) is part of an original painting.  The entire artwork contains text from the poem ‘Desiderata’.  The poem was written in 1927 by American writer Max Ehrmann.  The anemone’s name is derived from the Greek ‘anemos’, the wind.  The flower has become a symbol of transition.


Aphrodite Series:

Aphrodite was born in the sea and soon after she arrived on land where she was immediately dressed by her attendants, the Hours.  They adorned her with fragranced garlands.

“…They were amazed

By the beauty of the violet-crowned Cytherean” (Aphrodite)

(Homer, Hymn 6.5-18, trans Ruden, 2005) (Cyrino, 2010)