Enduring Beauty (Aphrodite series)

Enduring Beauty (Aphrodite Series)

Cropped detail from the painting Enduring Beauty (Aphrodite Series)  I (part of diptych).  Acrylic/encaustic paint/mixed media) 24cm x 30 cm (without frame)

Aphrodite Series:

Shortly after her birth, Aphrodite arose out of the foam of the sea and into the air and headed towards land. Her father was a sky god (Ouranos/Zeus) and this links her to all three of these realms. Goddesses in my work are often represented as flowers and ‘golden’ Aphrodite is a pink and golden rose, the personification of love.


A Greek travel writer, Pausanias (2nd century AD) had written about the love story between Aphrodite and her mortal lover named Adonis. He had mentioned that the rose and myrtle in this story are sacred to Aphrodite. The original painting is split into two parts, showing that Aphrodite represents ‘mixus’ which was her ability to blend the boundaries between human and divine love. This painting celebrates divine love, spiritual awakening and love for humanity.