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Summer 2019



Ancient cultures were aware of the cycles of sunrise and sunset, cycles of the moon and seasons of the year.   Stonehenge is an example of an ancient monument, built to follow the sun’s yearly progress.  Summer Solstice 2019 – Friday 21st June is the first day of Summer  for the northern hemisphere,  and first day of Winter for the southern hemisphere according to the astronomical calendar.   The Summer  solstice is a time when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky providing the greatest energy and is the day of the year with the longest period of daylight.



June Full Moon: Rose Moon

The full moon on the 17th June (and the fourth full moon for Spring 2019) is known as the Full Strawberry Moon. It certainly conjures up thoughts of Summer.  It is also known as the Rose Moon.  It is a time of year when roses do tend to look their best in the UK.  I try every year to visit the Rose Garden at Mottisfont (NT), near Romsey in early June.  At this time, the walled gardens are always covered in a variety of climbing roses displaying spectacular colour and scent.  The rose arches are designed perfectly and draw your senses from one end of the garden to the other with a hypnotising effect of abundant beauty, elegance and fragrance.  As well as the national collection of pre-1900 roses, there are also ancient varieties of roses.  Rosa Gallica Officinalis is a light crimson and deeply scented shrub which was brought to England from Persia.   A visit to this garden is always a joy whatever the season but having a special interest in roses, early June is the time I always look forward to.  The exhibition just outside the garden with paintings, archive film, books of the history of the garden, and history of its gardeners and designers completed the experience this year.



Golden Roses

My golden roses in my garden are always the first of the roses to make their appearance from late May.  They are visually spectacular as they emerge and unfold in a flouncy way.  They have a wonderful fragrance and when they arrive, I know they are unveiling the season of Summer.  They have recently featured in my painting ‘Sanctuary of the Muses’ from the Ancient Whispers series.



Sketchbook study painting ‘en plein air’,
‘Golden Roses of Summer’ (Sally Parker)