Sally Parker, artist (@ArtQuartet): I work in my studio in Wiltshire surrounded by a natural landscape featuring the river Avon. Observational studies in place and an appropriate choice of music playing, both assist the conditions of mindfulness to initiate the creative process.

White Swan Meditation, Sally Parker, ArtQuartet

White Swan Meditation, Sally Parker, ArtQuartet (Private Collection)

Further details of my work including White Swan Meditation can be found under the ‘Paintings’ section.

Why ArtQuartet?

I delight in observing the ephemeral seasons and their infinite cycles of energy.  Flowers are important metaphors in my paintings and provide ‘jewels’ of colour (as Winifred Nicholson described them).  The four quartets being the four seasons and the four elements allow my expressive ideas to surface.

Quartet, Sally Parker, ArtQuartet

Quartet of Seasons, Sally Parker, ArtQuartet

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